DIY Door Wreath Trio

I wonder if I offended some with my last post?  Crickets. Anyway, I saw this image via Pinterest and loved it.  Wanted to attempt it myself.

Pinned Image


  • 9" (I think) wreaths from Michael's.  I think these are too big.  Next time, I'd go smaller.
  • 4" thick wired ribbon
  • 3 3M Command strips
  • Twist Ties

Of course, you can read how Martha did it, but there was a hammer, nails, and fishing line mentioned and maybe some basic algebra.

Here is what I did:

  1.  Cut the long length of ribbon
  2. Tacked it down with a glue dot
  3. Trim the bottom into a little inverted V
  4. Fake the wrap around -- take more ribbon, wrap it around the top of each wreath and secure with a twist tie
  5. Figure out your spacing (note, I do know that my top wreath is WAY too high.  I was going to fix it on a daily basis for about 2 weeks until I said screw it).
  6. Cut a slit in the long length of ribbon
  7. Adhere your Command strip beneath the slit
  8. Hang your wreaths
  9. Add a topper of some sort to the top wreath
  10. Beat yourself up on your horrible math skills and spacing issues on a daily basis until you just give in to imperfection *
* This step is completely optional

Images here or here

DIY Anthro-inspired letters

I can't take any credit for this since it is like brushfire over the interwebs. Janell does the best tutorial. Plus, having the letters E.A.T. in your kitchen is so overdone and unoriginal.

So, sue me. I am a tired haggard overworked soccer mom living on a nightly glass of wine...barely eking out enough energy to even get my ass to JoAnns.


Fantastic subliminal message in the kitchen.




Cocktails All Around!

Wow.  A lot of peeps seemed to enjoy the DIY Bar Cart.  If I could wheel it around to all of y'all and mix up a cold one, I would! A big thanks to Beth at Homestories A 2 Z who featured my bar cart on her Tutes and Tips last week!  Thanks Beth!  If you aren't familiar with her blog, check it out.  She is big time!

Another mention -- Centsational Girl's Best of the Blog... I mean, what?  Kate is like the mother of all DIY-ers.  She is queen.  I am honored.

And Kristen at My Uncommon Slice of Surburbia also featured my cocktail heaven on wheels. Her skillz will knock your Spanx off. Seriously.

Thanks to ALL.  I appreciate the great feedback and the influx of new readers. It's a 140% increase from the previous 20 readers for my math-loving friends (Mandy & Lori).

Oh, and the handles on the cart?!  My husband thought it was the dumbest idea ever. I don't want to rub it in, but...well, OK I won't.

Yeah, I will.

Cocktails Anyone?

9 months.  That is how long it took me to get this project done, take a photo, and write about it.  Speedy! I've always wanted a bar cart.  Everyone needs some cocktails on wheels. I've looked on eBay and First Dibs only to be turned away due to price.

While perusing my local Goodwill store, I came across this 1980's microwave cart and instantly thought of a little bar cart that could.  $20!


Veneer with weird cross-hatch pattern on the side.

But the wheels... I love the wheels!

After: primed, painted, and two handles attached:

Still love the wheels!




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DIY Upholstered Headboard: La Fin

I recall when I first started blogging, I would finish a project, grab my camera, and whip out a blog post in minutes. It saddens me that I no longer have the chutzpah to git r done. Mama's tired. But alas, for the first time in my adult life, I have a headboard. And it was handcrafted by my husband.   Plus, it saved us about 1500 beans.

I started looking at the Serena and Lily Pondicherry headboard.  It served as my muse.  I showed it to my husband one day who basically proceeded to "build it in his head" over the course of several months.  And in one day flat, he built the entire thing.

It took me about another 1-2 months to pick out the fabric and the nail-head trim and then about 2 hours to complete it.


I should have saved all the receipts, but I think the end result put us back about $170.

Here is what I can remember:

  • Fabric: 10 ounce canvas from ($30)
  • Nail-head Trim: Beacon Fabric and Notions ($20)
  • Plywood, hardware, wood for legs, and little bun feet: Home Depot (~$100)
  • Batting:  Hobby Lobby ($20)

And, just to tease you a bit more with the Master bedroom deets: my new Elton Settee from West Elm.  He completes me.


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How to Do Hollywood Regency on the Cheap

Your grandma's Fort Lauderdale condo artwork from 1985 (courtesy of a consignment store for $3.00)

Plus, my lame attempt at a subdued-hued Kate Spade water color:

Equals a lil bit of Hollywood Regency.

(excuse the bad camera phone photo on the unstyled bar cart)

Kelly Wearstler would likely spit on me, but hey -- I actually like it.  Thoughts?

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Design by Sharpie (TM).

Stenciling is all the rage these days in the interwebs.  And I'm not taking about the green ivy kind. 

There is Lauren's living room (as seen in the Dec BHG!): 


I love this.  Her husband actually painted it for her.  He deserves a whole lotta love & attention as there is no way in HELL my husband would do something as precise and delicate like that. 

Next, there is Janell's new foyer.  Love this, too. 


And finally, Emily's office.  This might be my favorite pattern.  Well, I don't know... I love it all. 

officeentrynewHOWEVER, yesterday, I found the following.  

Britt  hand-drew her "wallpaper" with a SHARPIE.  Freehand.  All the way. 


I really do like this idea, but I am flooded with questions like:  

  • How did you not jab your eyes out with the Sharpie 15 minutes later in a fit of angst? 
  • Did you get extreme hand palsy like I do with a can of spray paint? 
  • Did you ever break down, get in the fetal position, and cry in the corner chanting IT HURTS!? 

I would love to attempt something like this, but thinking about it just takes me back to the questions listed above. 

Thoughts?  Could you do it?  And, as well as she did? 

[Actually, I did buy a stencil from Michaels but am waiting for that giant dose of motivation (or wine) to do this.]