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New Decor Book

Besides new jammies, a spa gift certificate, and a new Stella & Dot bracelet, I also got this gem:


So far so good, but then again, I have only had time to read the dust jacket.

On another note, this amazing shop just opened a new location in my neck of the woods -- Bungalow Home.

So much goodness in so little space. I wish I would have had the chance for more photos, but I was actually all hyped up on novocaine and drooling. Hit it up sometime!!






For the Locals....

Sweet mother of Pearl - this house is pure interior design soft-core....

And, just when I wished I could get inside and roll around naked on the floor coverings (kidding) I saw that it is IN MY BACKYARD.  Yep, Columbus, Ohio.  See, we aren't just a cow-town -- we have geophysicists who can rock the shit out of interior design!

Feast your eyes, ladies, FEAST YOUR EYES.

Who is going on the home tour with me in June?

If you want to tickle your fancy a bit more, go here.

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RoseBrook Meyer = Real Pretty Stuff.

I love typography.   And I love photography. Combine the two and you get (typophoto? phototypo?) RoseBrook Meyer NYC , a new company specializing in uber-sophisticated wedding invitations.  These invites are such a beautiful mix of rich photography and delicious fonts -- you'll be amazed.

RoseBrook Meyer NYC is the newest venture of my sister-in-law's sister. Or, my brother's sister-in-law. Either way, it's Mo, Maureen Meyer. Talented designer and overall sweet soul.

I wouldn't want to go back and do my wedding again. Ugh, the stress. The planning. The money.   However, I would like to sit down and pick out some of these amazing designs for other brides-to-be! (Or maybe just gaze at these images all day -- seriously).


Go check it out here and pass on the word!

PS: Word on the streets is that they may venture into birth announcements so stay tuned.  NO, not for me thank you very much.


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TRADhome is Here!

As of yesterday, we now have TRADhome -- a virtual mash-up of LONNY and Traditional Home magazine.

I  don't know how I feel about this... another ONLINE shelter magazine that stresses out my eyeballs and tests my ability to use my mouse.  I mean, I loves me a little LONNY when I am able to get the image JUST right on my 'puter machine, but I still long for a print version.

Regardless, I will check it out.  Especially because Erika of Urban Grace Interiors is in there and I love pretty much anything she designs.

Check it out here!


Here I am, on my third round of antibiotics in two months.  This latest one is also used to cure Anthrax so I hope I am covered.  Not only that, but I am also healing from a ruptured ear drum and a pulled intercostal muscle (from coughing).  My exercise routine is ka-put and I have the motivation of a sloth. I have some painted furniture in the works, but can't get it done due to the lack of motivation.  AND the fact that if I lean over at all, I experience a sharp stabbing feeling in the sinus cavities.

In the meantime, I have been glancing at some real pretty things like this:

Sorry, but I was a bad blogger and did not note where I found these. If YOU know, let ME know.

Design by Sharpie (TM).

Stenciling is all the rage these days in the interwebs.  And I'm not taking about the green ivy kind. 

There is Lauren's living room (as seen in the Dec BHG!): 


I love this.  Her husband actually painted it for her.  He deserves a whole lotta love & attention as there is no way in HELL my husband would do something as precise and delicate like that. 

Next, there is Janell's new foyer.  Love this, too. 


And finally, Emily's office.  This might be my favorite pattern.  Well, I don't know... I love it all. 

officeentrynewHOWEVER, yesterday, I found the following.  

Britt  hand-drew her "wallpaper" with a SHARPIE.  Freehand.  All the way. 


I really do like this idea, but I am flooded with questions like:  

  • How did you not jab your eyes out with the Sharpie 15 minutes later in a fit of angst? 
  • Did you get extreme hand palsy like I do with a can of spray paint? 
  • Did you ever break down, get in the fetal position, and cry in the corner chanting IT HURTS!? 

I would love to attempt something like this, but thinking about it just takes me back to the questions listed above. 

Thoughts?  Could you do it?  And, as well as she did? 

[Actually, I did buy a stencil from Michaels but am waiting for that giant dose of motivation (or wine) to do this.]

Lonny Feb-style

Lonny is out again, folks.  And even with my glamourous new post-LASIK eyeballs, I still have a hard time reading it.  I can't get into the online thing.  I just can't.  I like to take my mags everywhere, fold them up, dog-ear them, etc.  And I just can't do that with the online version.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Here are some goodies to feast your eyes on:

Kitchen deliciousness that makes me want to paint my perimeter cabinets white, get some new industrial lighting, and a new white backsplash. OH, and Tolix barstools - yes please.  Except for the brain injuries my children would sustain after falling off them.  Still, they look so awesome... 

Love this image.  Fornasetti plates.  Topiearies. Mini Gallery Wall.   There are Fornasetti plates at Collier West here in town.  $188.  $186 above my budget. 

Love these bedroom images.  EXCEPT for the bird valances.  My family members will understand why.


Head on over and prepare to squint!

All images via Lonny