Christmas Gingery Chocolatey Delight.

I've been making these Ginger Chocolate Chip bars via Real Simple for a couple of years now and they have quickly become a family favorite.  I thought I would share with y'all since I just made 2 batches and have "tested" my way through 3 bars now.  Fat Yuletide glutton! I'm wrapping up the remainders for the Grand Slam's preschool teachers.


 Ginger Chocolate-Chip Bars

 (PS: the recipe calls for putting parchment down first and buttering the parchment.  I don't do this...I just butter the pan.  Parchment for cookies = YES.  Bars = NO.)

Slow Cooking Loooove

So, I talked about slow decorating yesterday per the advice of The Nesting Place.  Then, lo and behold, the family got me a slow cooker -- No, I  stand corrected  -- the ORIGINAL CROCKPOT  -- for my birthday.  Now, yes, this may seem like an un-sexy gift, but it was paired with dinner & tickets to a broadway series show (sexy) plus a giant bag of peanut M&Ms (super sexy). Also, I have to admit -- this is my third crockpot.  However, it kicks the arse of any previous crockpot has a timer!  That means, no more burnt, nay, charred chicken, messing with additional liquids, or driving home at 95 miles per hour after work to save the dish after 10 total hours of stewing.  AMEN! 

I do admit, I was secretly pining for the All-Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker...but at $400 a pop it just couldn't be justified.

all clad
all clad


But, this fella will do just fine:


I was pretty certain that Martha would think a crockpot is not "A Good Thing" but alas -- check it out!   Also, were you aware that you could be a crock-star?!   Nope, neither was I. 

I am thinking about adding a whole new category for nothing but slow-cooked, mother approved meals.  You in? 

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