Yuletide Fun

I can't get it together to post all my Christmas decor leading up to and/or ON the day of Christmas.   I'm not that kind of girl. But, here are some highlights of the yuletide season.

Found a great tutorial on how to photograph your Christmas tree.  I tried several times -- this is the best I could do:

I have enjoyed, as of late, printing my own crap at home.  Mostly because it is easier for me and I think that it is cheaper (not totaling the complete FLEECING from Dell on printer ink... ).  The "Naughty or Nice" tag from Brooklyn Limestone was by far my favorite and seemed to be a big hit.

You'll also notice I have the cutting skills of a left-handed kindergartener using right-handed scissors.

Grammy bought the kids a gingerbread set from Target.  No baking.  Pure bliss.   Not sure it is edible, but that beyotch looks GREAT.  Fo Rills.

Artsy attempt at Christmas decor:

Reading on Christmas Eve.  No fighting at this exact moment:

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I am now ready to tear this sh*t down!













DIY Door Wreath Trio

I wonder if I offended some with my last post?  Crickets. Anyway, I saw this image via Pinterest and loved it.  Wanted to attempt it myself.

Pinned Image


  • 9" (I think) wreaths from Michael's.  I think these are too big.  Next time, I'd go smaller.
  • 4" thick wired ribbon
  • 3 3M Command strips
  • Twist Ties

Of course, you can read how Martha did it, but there was a hammer, nails, and fishing line mentioned and maybe some basic algebra.

Here is what I did:

  1.  Cut the long length of ribbon
  2. Tacked it down with a glue dot
  3. Trim the bottom into a little inverted V
  4. Fake the wrap around -- take more ribbon, wrap it around the top of each wreath and secure with a twist tie
  5. Figure out your spacing (note, I do know that my top wreath is WAY too high.  I was going to fix it on a daily basis for about 2 weeks until I said screw it).
  6. Cut a slit in the long length of ribbon
  7. Adhere your Command strip beneath the slit
  8. Hang your wreaths
  9. Add a topper of some sort to the top wreath
  10. Beat yourself up on your horrible math skills and spacing issues on a daily basis until you just give in to imperfection *
* This step is completely optional

Images here or here

Happy VD!

:)  Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!  If you forgot to get your loved one a card, head on over to one of my all-time favorite blogs, Jones Design Co., and download (for some $$) a cute card designed by Emily. I love them! Emily has the most amazing house and is one talented designer.  I wonder if she'd be my valentine?  

IMG_9192My loved one and I decided NOT to exchange gifts or anything. I don't know why -- just didn't want more stuff. We are going to provide a sweet gesture to one another! I better figure out what I am going to do..and soon!

Christmas Gingery Chocolatey Delight.

I've been making these Ginger Chocolate Chip bars via Real Simple for a couple of years now and they have quickly become a family favorite.  I thought I would share with y'all since I just made 2 batches and have "tested" my way through 3 bars now.  Fat Yuletide glutton! I'm wrapping up the remainders for the Grand Slam's preschool teachers.


 Ginger Chocolate-Chip Bars

 (PS: the recipe calls for putting parchment down first and buttering the parchment.  I don't do this...I just butter the pan.  Parchment for cookies = YES.  Bars = NO.)

A SNM Christmas, brought to you by Picnik

I am following the lead of some other bloggers across the interwebs by displaying my holiday decor. First, I was a little ba-hum bug about ye olde Christmas decor this year.  Not sure what is was, but according to my Facebook friends, it appears to be an epidemic this year.  Recession depression?

Anyhoo , I took a couple of photos of what I DID decorate and then, on some, played around with the editing tools on Picnik in an attempt to boost their visual appeal.  Not sure I succeeded...

Picnik is a great (free...unless you upgrade) online tool for editing photos.  I have to say it is definitely more user-friendly than Photoshop Elements.  Try it out.   

My Tree.  I could bore you with specific ornaments and their history.  But I won't.

Reindeer hastily placed on top of Moss Balls.  Genius.

My mantel with some cool editing.

Poor camera focus.  Again, genius.

Ornaments strung from a chandelier.  Not sure what effect this is in Picnik.  It might be called "accidental."

Reindeer admiring a dusty magnolia ball.

So there you go.  Quite possible the most boring Christmas decor post you have ever encountered!

Any genius Christmas decor ideas you'd like to share?  Spill it!

My Version of Fall Decorating

My favorite Halloween/Fall images of all time. Mini white pumpkins are added to a vase for a centerpiece.

I still have these pages from Cottage Living.  Every Halloween, I long to recreate this look. And every Halloween, I am left with the same boring old orange pumpkins tossed haphazardly in a row on my front porch.

Mini white pumpkins are added to a vase for a centerpiece.

I want an abundance of greige-y green and white pumpkins coupled with nailhead trimmings.

Pumpkins with patterns of decorative nails

I want a giant vase (vah-ze) like this one that won't get knocked over by a Buzz LightYear toy. And won't have fruit flies buzzing around short of a week.

Mini white pumpkins are added to a vase for a centerpiece.


(All images via from Cottage Living)

Lazy Easter Decor

I wanted to share my tidbits on how to decorate for Easter lazy-style.  And to really punctuate my point, I am posting this a week after the holiday ended. One: The following was the most labor intensive of all 3 projects.  But, it was worth it.  While at Micheal's, I found these great speckled eggs.  However, at one end there was a ribbon with lots of fake greenery and plastic flowers.  Not cool.  I ripped those out leaving a giant crater in the first egg  and then I refined my style to leave a simple pinhole by the time I reached the last egg.  I plopped them in this hurricane (wound-side down) and voila!  See what I mean about labor intensive?


Two:  I had this mossy-eggy-thing from last year and hung it from over my island.  That was too intense for me this year so I just plopped it (string-side down) into this little vase.  Done.


Three: Upon a visit at Vintage Printables, I found ye olde image of speckled eggs and printed it.  Now, I DID muster the energy to actually trim the edges.  BUT (and here is the lazy part), I simply LEANED it against a frame.  No, it never actually made its way INSIDE the frame. 

However, here is where I get points for efficiency -- For clean-up, all I have to do is grab, rumple, and toss in the recycling bin!  But, I may just wait a few more weeks until I do that ... just to be consistent.

C'mon, tell me some tales of your lazy decorating. Please, indulge me...

Christmas Ponderings

It's December 28 and I am finally calming down a bit.  The cross-country travel is done, the presents are scattered to and fro, and 99.9% of the cookies are in my belly.    It was a whirlwind holiday season this year for the family and I haven't even had time to think.       I will start with our cross-country journey to the Bayou to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  We were worried about the 15 hour drive (one way), but I have to say....the trip was well worth it.  I have thought a couple of times in the last 2 weeks about how Christmas was so magical when we were kids and now it is just an endless amount of items to check off my list.  I have to admit, my time in the bayou was incredibly relaxing:  there was no to-do list and every minute was surrounded by my amazing family.  I really do think it was the best part of my holiday.  There was a lot of magic being together!     

 Who doesn't love matching jammies and chilaxing with your cousins while you ponder what Santa might bring?

Pondering if they have been naughty or nice
Pondering if they have been naughty or nice
Santa Anticipation
Santa Anticipation

Don't forget about all the delicious food...

Preparing and enjoying Disco pancakes with the family...

Disco Mood
Disco Mood

  Like Buckeyes the size of Texas....

Texas-sized Buckeyes
Texas-sized Buckeyes

Or your Brother's Andouille Sausage...

Andouille Sausage
Andouille Sausage
Janie's poundcake
Janie's poundcake

Enjoying the Sounds of the Season...

Either performed by the children...


 ...or the Holiday Carolers who magically appeared smack dab in the middle of present time...

Cajun Carolers
Cajun Carolers
Caroling Fun
Caroling Fun

... Or perhaps by the Rockband Video Game.

Fun at the Inflatable Indoor jumphouse -- always a holiday classic, right?

Playhouse Fun
Playhouse Fun

 Yuletide Pranks...such as wiring the Ohio State bird to a fence and watching your brother do bird calls waiting for it to move.    

Taking Walks with your cousins.

Romy & Ryanne
Romy & Ryanne

Contemplating the Simple Meaning of Christmas. 


And finally, Peace Among Enemies.

I truly hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed what really matters most.