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I seem to be on a 6-month posting schedule here. It's to the point that I almost forgot my username and password. I am slowly starting to get out of my decor/project slump but I am still struggling.  Am I the only one who goes through this? Seriously, I want to know. I'm still incredibly busy at my corporate job. And, still trying to manage life as a soccer/swim mom. (Side note, my kids did swim team for the first time this year and NAILED it). The DIVA was her normal competitive self and ended up moving up heats at every meet and went to the Championships on a freestyle relay. Grand Slam did pretty well. That kid has so much natural ability but lacks a little of that competitive sprit! #supercompetitiveproudmama.



Summer has flown by, too.  Swimming, beloved family visits, 21st bday party for my baby-niece (see the AWESOME cake below expertly crafted by my sister...SHE IS MARTHA).   It makes me tired but happy...


Anyhoo, I have a few things I need to finish around the house. Perhaps if I list them here, I may have some sense of accountability! Here goes:

1. Finish Curtains in Diva's room. I need to buy the hardware and sew the pom-pom trim on the panels. PLEASE LET ME FINISH THIS BY DECEMBER 31st!  Here is a sneak peak at her gallery wall:


2. Paint the son's desk and chair. I need to decide on the paint -- I'm tempted to get another quart ($$$$) of the Annie Sloan Chalk paint 3. Repaint my kitchen table.  This sorta stresses me out since it needs to LOOK good and not get all mucked up.  It's a Crate and Barrel pedestal table and it did not stand the test of time.  It's almost like C&B didn't think any food or drink would be placed atop. 4. Prepare for the great basement redo! I am currently rounding up all my options on pinterest so go take a look if you fancy!

I am also itching to start some other projects (paint the dining room) but I am telling myself I can't start anything until I get the other nagging projects done.

I promise to try and write more in the upcoming months.  That is, if there is still that one special reader left?!

Stay gold,


The Diva's Lair: Moodboard 2.0

In honor of the Diva hacking into SNM and posting 2 posts/photos (one removed, one here), I thought I would share with you the latest for her room re-do.

Walls were just painted Behr's Silver Drop (LOVE) and are scuff-free...3 days later.

Just painted.  Don't Judge.

Part of the design includes a gallery wall with some original Diva art like the clay bird she made below...

...Along with some great Etsy artwork, such as this:


And this:


Can't wait to finish this project for the 7-year-old who is going on 20.  (And completely OBSESSED with her almost-20 year-old cousin Kate).


The Diva's Lair

I should probably finish my master bedroom before starting on anything new.  But just for shits and giggles, here is the design inspiration for the Diva's grown-up lair.  Estimated completion should be around 2015.

I can't seem to find any fabric I like (besides the black chevron) that plays nicely with the bedding from PB Teen.  If you have any ideas, shoot them my way!

Gallery Wall: Part 2. Kids' Playroom

Wow,  9 months later and I finally get to Part 2 of the Gallery Wall series.  I bet the suspense was killing you. So here is a gallery wall, of sorts, in the kids' playroom. 


These ABC cards were from Land of Nod and used to adorn the Nursery.  I never framed them since it would have cost too much and I am cheap.   Instead, I hung them using some 3M Command strips. 


These cards really drove the color of the playroom (which is too messy to show the rest of the room).  Reds, Yellows, Greens, etc.


That's the globe I received when I was 12 so some things have changed a bit in the world.

Plus, I thought I'd share with you these two prints from Gus and Lula.  Love them.

Anyone have a version of Kids' Gallery Walls they'd like to share?

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How to create a kid-friendly Family Room

I know how tough it can be to try to co-exist with toys.  I've been through those days of the giant play kitchen sitting in my living room.  Actually, I bought the kitchen that I thought best complemented my color scheme.  Not kidding.  Then, we moved on to a casket-sized toy box that the husband built.  It was great to hold all the toys, but since it still sat IN the family room, the toys would spill over.  And over, and over. The key to co-exist is to create cleverly hidden pockets of storage for all of those must-have-close by toys.  Brought to you by BHG here.    I would recommend going with storage containers that have a more timeless appeal and will take you past the age of toys.   Think baskets or some vintage crates.

storage detail

Also,  fabrics and surfaces that can withstand your Sharpie-yielding Tasmanian devil.

A family relaxes in this beach house living room with striped arm chairs, and a durable cotton rug

Here are some other great reads and resources to get the style you WANT while being family friendly!

  1. Options for Kid Friendly Fabrics
  2. Houzz
  3. Kaboose
  4. Momtastic
  5. Little Green Notebook -- here and here 

Do you have any tips to share?  Unload, sisters!

Calling Cards for the wee ones

I feel like my posts are getting fewer and far between. I actually have a few projects that are done and can be posted, but I am just - UGH - I don't know... so unfocused. However, here is one little gem that I wanted to share cuz I dig them.

The Diva often invites herself to other's houses for play-dates. It's a habit we are trying HARD to break, but occasionally it still happens. And, when my kids want to invite someone over to our house, I never have a piece of paper on hand to scribble down my email (emails PLEASE....I am so weird about talking on the phone. I think it is because I am nearly deaf in one ear and can barely hear out of the other one).

Enter the play-date cards I ordered from Lollipop cards.

How cute are these? I ordered one tin but got a mix of some for the Diva and some for Grand Slam. I chose the birds for the Diva and the Sock Monkey for Slammy. Each card has their name, but my email address and phone number (blurred here for the purposes of keeping stalkers at bay...).  I love them.

Now, to be honest, I haven't given out a single card... yet. I am not sure if it is because they are too cute to part with or if I have already connected with half the kids in the neighborhood; however, I am waiting for the day that I can pass one of these over with pride!


Head over to Krystina's shop or her blog, Scrapbook Society. (Although I am not a scrapbooker, we both share a love of fonts!).

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

The Diva just turned 6.  SIX.  Seis. For her birthday party theme, she decided she wanted her friends to come pick up trash around the neighborhood.   Hmmm, what to do with THAT...

So, we had an Eco-Friendly Green Birthday party!

(Please ignore the OSU tat....)

I couldn't imagine strapping an orange jumpsuit on the kids and marching them up and down the highway.  And, after I contacted our local park, I was reminded by a few folks that they are pretty pristine.  So, we turned to our own backyard with our own (highly-cleaned) recyclables.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the recyclable scavenger hunt, but I couldn't run the game and manage the camera at the same time.

We had water bottles (BPA-free -- well, I hope...) labeled with the kids'  names so they could add lemonade (recycled rain water) when they ran out.  I can't imagine the money I saved from juice boxes.  Not to mention avoiding one of my biggest pet peeves -- finding loads of half-empty juice boxes.  I don't know why, but that drives me CRAZY.

We also went with ceramic plates ($1 each) and REAL silverware (very cheap at Wal-Mart).  Plus, real napkins that I don't think a single one of the kids used.

The napkins would have come in use after the Earth Worm aperitif!


 Goody bags (of course, no photo) were reusable grocery bags with a cute little green earth on them ($.99 each).

Guests brought recyclables to the party and also had their gifts wrapped in newspaper.  One guest even admitted that her gift of Justice perfume was just a second bottle she had lying around at home.  I am sure her mother would NOT have wanted her to disclose that, but hey -- it was recycled!

The centerpiece was a last-minute project that looked like shit and could have been done by a 1-year-old.  But, it was free...and recycled.

The cake.  I always put a big emphasis on the cake.  And, I was sorely disappointed.  I have been buying my cakes from a local shop for a while now.  But,  I am starting to get annoyed by the rude customer service and the BAD cake decorating.  I am on the lookout for a crafty at-home cake maker!

So, that's it.  The Eco-friendly birthday party of the Diva.  I have to admit...this one was a lot of fun to create!

The Perils of iCarly

Here is the conversation that took place in the car on the way to the library:

Grand Slam:  "Go faster, Mommy!"

Diva: "Don't tell her to go faster 'cause the police will pull her over and take her to jail.  And then they will take us to juvie."


Yes, she said juvie.  She followed that up with "Juvie is the jail for kids" so clearly she knows what she is talking about.

It was silent for a bit, but I just HAD to know where she learned this...


I don't even know what that is, who she/he is, or if it is something the Diva should be witnessing. 

But I should probably investigate...

Bambi is in the House.

I am finally getting around to posting my deer project in Grand Slam's room. I bought the deer from Uncommon Goods and noticed how teeny tiny it was once I put it together.   It needed a little  j ne sais quoi.

I took one of the many canvases I have waiting in the wings

Slapped some brown paint on it

Had the hubby reinforce it on the backside

And voila...a little more heftiness for my 8-point buck.


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