20 Years of Prep.

I have been sneaking in a few home projects here and there, but my biggest project to date is planning my 20-year High School Reunion.  Yep.

Me. Circa 1991

The planning for the event has been rather smooth.  We have a core group of people that have done the lions share of work and I can't thank them enough.

The body preparation however is another thing.  My goal of starting rumors of anorexia aren't going to come to fruition.  I was hoping to get down to my fighting weight and toss the Spanx aside.  Ain't going to happen.  I just hope there isn't a giant spot light on my gut and flabby upper arms.  I have even thought about continually sneaking in a few push-ups throughout the event to give me my muscles a little more tension.

I could also smear Preparation H all over my body and then wrap myself in Saran Wrap. It's what the pageant broads do....but when you are 115 pounds, it probably doesn't even matter.  I, however, would look like a albino stuffed sausage.

The hair has been trimmed, the gray roots have been covered, the pedicure happens tomorrow night, and the spray tan will be on Thursday.  The botox didn't make the cut this year.  DAYUM.    I think a couple of Ketel Ones with lemon might just give me that boost of confidence I need.

There will be a few cute crafty things that we did for the event, but you are just going to have to wait.  JUST in case my ONE reader happens to be a 1991 graduate of my alma mater.

Any last minute advice before I head into the Land of Judgement?!?!



Busy with Life.

I've been pretty busy lately.  Family came in to town to celebrate the baptism of my sister's triplets.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the full family photo we wanted.  However, we did manage to capture one photo with Grammy and all but two of her grandchildren

(The 14-year old nephew left and our yet-to-be-born nephew is still in utero).

Spent time with Brothers:

And Big Sisters:

And wonderful godparents!

Went to my goddaughter's 7th birthday party.

Grand Slam LOOOVED bowling. 

Good Form.

It rocks that my BFF's daughter is my goddaughter and my daughter's BFF. Got that?

And, my BFF's son is my son's BFF.  Boy Love.


And, my BFF makes awesome cakes and cupcakes. 

 Plus, she made everyone a bowling shirt. She rocks in all ways.

We've had Jedis battling forces of evil.

We've enjoyed hot cocoa.

We've even done a few crafts.

What we HAVEN'T done is blogged...

Oh well.

Randoms upon my Return.

It's hard to stay away from this lil' place.  But, I'm back. I attended Deea's funeral mass where they captured her life lessons.  Now, this hangs above my desk to remind me to enjoy and not toil. 

I've taken some photos of the kids who are now camping with the in-laws (allowing me to sleep until 9:00 am on the holiday weekend.  Shameful).

I've painted some stuff. Pix to come.

The Diva started first grade and LOVES it.  


I held a girls night on Friday for Willow House Southern Living. I have 25 pounds of food left.  I overdo it every time.

I'm getting together a few posts about playdate cards, my trip to South Carolina/Savannah and some other general stuff.

I giggled when I read this post.

Mostly, I am trying to look at my hobbies (such as writing this blog and doing projects) as FUN TO DO, versus MUST DO (and must accomplish on some sort of schedule).  We will see how that goes, but I do have a completely new perspective.


Have you seen this product? U by Kotex?

Colored Tampons....the site even says "Ohh, it comes in my color."  REALLY?   Um, nice marketing innovation, Kimberly-Clark. 

I mean, I am all for self-expression, but will I really feel more empowered or more like myself because I get to choose a magenta tampon to sop up bloody matter versus resorting to a boring old white one?  What does it say about me if I choose the lime green tampon?  That I am fun and perky?  And who in God's name gets to see my fun tampon?

Are the bright cheery colors supposed to assuage the emotional rage, high-carb cravings, and mono-like symptoms that are associated with your monthly gift?

Another tagline "Later dullsville.  Hello, different."  Idiots. 

The brand manager and ad agency shood be fired.  No wait, punched and then fired.

(PS - the Tampax ad with Serena Williams & Mother Nature...MUCH BETTER at delivering what we need!)