Living Rooms

I'm Back and a Moodboard!

It's been EONS since I've been here.  I don't even know if ANYONE reads this.   Anyone? ( I refuse to do the "Bueller" bit.  Shit, I just did it...).

Anyway, in April I took a new job (same company) and my creative mojo has significantly dwindled.  That's a post (and some psychotherapy) for another day.  There have been a few things I have worked on here and there, but I typically post on my Facebook page.

I did get one thing done -- and that is a living room mood board and shopping list for our friends' parents.  I am really excited to see this room completely done!  The client already had the dark color on the walls and the white leather sectional so I just pulled some other key pieces and some art.   I know she has already purchased many of the items and is hoping to have it done for a few holiday parties.  (Minus, of course, that last 15% of layering that has to be done over time!).

My jumping off point was the little watercolor found here.  I sorta want it for me-self.

Lorenz Living Room_version 2.0

These clients live over an hour away so I hope to stop by around Christmas time to take an after picture!

Seriously, someone leave me a comment to let me know if anyone is still around or if I should shut this puppy down! :-)

How to create a kid-friendly Family Room

I know how tough it can be to try to co-exist with toys.  I've been through those days of the giant play kitchen sitting in my living room.  Actually, I bought the kitchen that I thought best complemented my color scheme.  Not kidding.  Then, we moved on to a casket-sized toy box that the husband built.  It was great to hold all the toys, but since it still sat IN the family room, the toys would spill over.  And over, and over. The key to co-exist is to create cleverly hidden pockets of storage for all of those must-have-close by toys.  Brought to you by BHG here.    I would recommend going with storage containers that have a more timeless appeal and will take you past the age of toys.   Think baskets or some vintage crates.

storage detail

Also,  fabrics and surfaces that can withstand your Sharpie-yielding Tasmanian devil.

A family relaxes in this beach house living room with striped arm chairs, and a durable cotton rug

Here are some other great reads and resources to get the style you WANT while being family friendly!

  1. Options for Kid Friendly Fabrics
  2. Houzz
  3. Kaboose
  4. Momtastic
  5. Little Green Notebook -- here and here 

Do you have any tips to share?  Unload, sisters!

A New "Client"

So,  remember my little diddy about my sister Beth?  Well, she has "hired" me to help prepare her new nest prior to the arrival of the triplets.  Her house has great bones and lots of space, it's just a matter of updating the paint colors, ripping down the horrific model-home-like drapes, and making it function for her family.  And although she'd love to paint the trim and remove the wallpaper, we are trying to be realistic about what CAN be done prior to the arrival of A, B & C.

First up, the kitchen/great room.  Here are a few shots of the BEFORE:

Here is our plan of attack:


  • Lighter Paint
  • New rug
  • Updated drapes and hardware
  • New mirror over the mantel (purchased!!)
  • Painted Desk

We are closing in on these rooms, so I will post them soon.

Meanwhile, next up is the living room-cum-playroom (getting rid of that horrible baby poop color and bringing in some art and organization), and the dining room which is going to serve as Triplet Mission Control for the first least for the first year.  Eventually, we will make it the dining room she has always wanted.



(Red striated wallpaper...YIKES).

Stay tuned!

My Mantel. A Study of Boring.

There is a "Mantel Party" over at the Nesting Place (getting C-R-A-Z-Y!).  I submitted my boring mantel.   The photos were placed there so that they would be out of the reach of the wee ones.  And there they sit...waiting patiently to be hung.  I mess with my mantel a lot so hopefully this period of boring will come to a close.  Enjoy!

(Yes, the second photo is a different arrangement!)

In Need of a Rug Intervention

Dearest readers: I am contemplating which rug to buy for my living room and I am in need of help.   The Goal:  Get something to connect the furniture and give it a better foundation.  It also has to be durable to help extend the life of the wall-to-wall broadloom underneath.

The Vision:  I am going with tones of brown and cream...and then depending on the season, I want to layer in greens or oranges.  I want everything major (walls, rugs, drapes) to be a tone-on-tone or within different hues.

The Background:  Brown is my favorite color.  It is, I am sorry.  It's the color of chocolate, it's the color of my dog, and it plays SOOO nicely with other colors.  Rich, creamy, dark brown...mmmm.

The Problem: First choices of rugs...brown.  Too much brown. HELP!

The Room:

(Please Ignore the toddler shoes and socks! Oh, and the B-ball game....)

The Contenders:

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs from (inexpensive & durable, but scratchy)

Pottery Barn (soft, but more expensive)
                              Clara Rug, 2.5 x 9'
                             Lattice Rug, 2.5 x 9', Mocha
Thoughts? Do I need a brown intervention?!