Columbus Artscene

Lonny Feb-style

Lonny is out again, folks.  And even with my glamourous new post-LASIK eyeballs, I still have a hard time reading it.  I can't get into the online thing.  I just can't.  I like to take my mags everywhere, fold them up, dog-ear them, etc.  And I just can't do that with the online version.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Here are some goodies to feast your eyes on:

Kitchen deliciousness that makes me want to paint my perimeter cabinets white, get some new industrial lighting, and a new white backsplash. OH, and Tolix barstools - yes please.  Except for the brain injuries my children would sustain after falling off them.  Still, they look so awesome... 

Love this image.  Fornasetti plates.  Topiearies. Mini Gallery Wall.   There are Fornasetti plates at Collier West here in town.  $188.  $186 above my budget. 

Love these bedroom images.  EXCEPT for the bird valances.  My family members will understand why.


Head on over and prepare to squint!

All images via Lonny