Oak No More!

I wrote a post once about my great finds at Ubberhaus in Dublin, Ohio.  One item that came home with me was this ugly oak-y bench.  $40.     

Which looking back seems like a lot, but then I took a gander at this one at Restoration Hardware and now I don't feel so bad ($295 - $455).  


Well, oak isn't my thang.  Sorry, it's not.  When I see oak, I feel the need to pair it with country goose blue and a Longenberger basket and then I want to vomit.

Instead of that drama, I painted it.  SW Steamed Milk + some glaze + some stain  = a newly fake-French bench.

Perfect for sitting on to tie-up your laces or for young kids to spring themselves into your bed.  

Thoughts?  This bench or a vomit-filled Longenberger basket?

Someday, after a few stiff drinks and a dose of motivation, I may try to make a linen-padded top like the Restoration Hardware bench.  HA HA HA!!!! No, really -- I think about it.  Seriously.

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Guest Room Dresser Makeover

I am not 100% done with the guest room.  I still have the art wall to finish and the painting of the chandy. However, I can share the dresser makeover! Woo Hoo! The piece came via the WANT ADs at work.  I actually have a "dealer" there who sold me Grand Slam's bed.   Here is a picture of the before taken with her phone:

And After!

I sanded it down to pretty much the bare wood (the sander is my new favorite tool).  I applied one coat of primer, three coats of Martha Stewart's Bakery Box White (lesson: don't use a gray primer with a light paint!).  Then, I finished it off with three coats of poly acrylic.

I spray painted the original hardware in a hammered bronze, but couldn't get past the colonial shape.  So, I just picked up a few of these art-deco/South Beach knobs at HD.

Here it sits with my $2.50 Bamboo tray on top (Goodwill find!) and some storage boxes from IKEA.

And my favorite...the $29 mirror from Home Goods.  Rock it.

Only 3, 486 more projects to go. wooo hoooooooo.....

Master Bath Envy.

Most of the time, it is about the journey and NOT the destination.  But in this's all destination, baby.  I don't know how I got there, but I am glad I arrived.          I stumbled upon the newly designed bathroom from Rachel at Southern ExposureCheck it out.       



The best thing about it has to be that it looks SO high-end, but in reality, Rachel appears to be a bargain huntress.  It's all about vision!       

 Mirrors from a thrift store -- beautifully painted by Rachel.       



The side table from Target that I gently rub every time I am there, but always leave it behind...   

(I think they are gone now... DAMN).     


DIY Artwork from a calendar. Love it.       


Plus, she used a pendant from CX Designs!  Covet!  Remember when I drooled here?       


I liked her post about being a Big Lots snob.  I can subscribe to this thinking.  I even mocked my mother several times for being a BL devotee.  But after reading this post, I am so there.  Perhaps it is only HER BL that has this great merch, but nevertheless...I am headed out today! She found this great garden stool for only $20 and painted it!      


Also, check out this wooden/stick-like bowl:      


I would have walked right past this, but seeing how she used it along side of some other natural pieces completely makes sense.        

So, PLEASE run over to Southern Exposure to check out some of Rachel's great work.    

This bathroom is one of my all time favorites.    


And the Trophy Goes to...

Cottage Living, Idea House 2008.  I see this room with the white glossy spray-painted trophies and think it is quirky, but it sticks in my brain 2 years later (which is a FEAT considering I can't remember my gym locker combination after a 45-minute spinning class). ideahouse08 by Eva Rees.

ideahouse05 by Eva Rees.

See the trophies? 

Flash Forward, Winter 2010.  Nearly every day, I look at my son's shelves and determine something is NOT right with the miscellaneous crap thrown up there including a lot of baby blue items given to us post-birth.  Something was missing.  Something needed to be red.  Cue:  Cottage Living image.  Enter:  9  trophies for $5 (via my want ads at work).

 Slap on some red spray-paint and...Voila:


Now, there is an entire back story to this...the kid loves trophies.  I give out invisible trophies all the time to the kids for inducing various behaviours (and they FALL for it!).

$5 spray painted trophies-cum-art.  Who knew?

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File with Style!

Imagine something like the following (don't have a "before" picture): Natural Maple Two Drawer Mobile File, 5093

Imagine using some leftover wall paint and 2 knobs ($3 total at Hobby Lobby) and getting something like this:

$3.00 for an upgraded printer stand!  I am sure Martha probably conceals her printer in a million dollar drawer unit or a wool printer cozy, but this is how we roll in the SNM household (in addition to that giant pile of papers you can see!)

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Big Boy Bed

Do the words BIG BOY remind you of a Brawny Lad and this guy?

It does to me.

Anyway, this is about MY big boy (who doesn't wear overalls since he is man-boy).  I am slowly closing in on a complete Big Boy Room, but not ready for the full reveal.  I did order the Deer Head, but so far it just looks like this:

This post is about his big boy bed.  We knew we had to get a double bed versus a twin bed since this guy is predicted to be 6'4" when he is fully grown and the Husband (also 6'4") said that he had to sleep with his legs hanging from his twin bed.  I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new bed (whoops, let me rephrase, we really had NO money to spend...). So I went looking for a frugal find that I could dress up.  The Husband wanted a red bed....I felt like I owed him at least ONE thing since I make 99.999999% of the design decisions. 

I went to my online WANT ADS at work, posted that I was looking for a wooden double bed, and got a response on this:

Done. Thank you.  $50 later....

My co-worker had already tried to "paint"  it white  so she gave me a decent head-start.  I sanded it, primed it with SW PrepRite  and pained it SW Antique Red.  Now, at first, it looked orangy-pinky-red.  NOT GOOD for a little boy's room.  But after the second coat dried completely, it looked fine.  Here is a sneak peek! 

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DIY Lovelies

I am so amazed at the DIY-ers there are out in blog land.   I will go online to search one simple thing and HOURS later,  I awake from this blacked-out state not knowing what sites I have been to or where my kids are, but DAMN do I have some good ideas.  Which, of course,  just perpetuates my sense of anxiety and steals my focus.  Anyhoo, if you are in the craft/sewing/creating mood, check out DIY day at a Soft Place to Land.  I added the link to my little monogrammed frame that my sister-in-law claims to love (ha!) for a little DIY par-tay over there touting her new sponsor,     I need to check out that site and see if, in fact, it lives up to its name.   I like to look at all the little sewing projects that people claim are easy.  If I don't end up stabbing my sewing machine with sharp shearers or tossing the bobbin across the room then I would chalk it up as easy/a success.   I am going to learn to love that machine, damn it! 



DIY Arts & Crafts

I finally got around to snapping some shots of stuff I have created on my own or with the help of my husband.  (For those that aren't aware, my husband is like Norm Abrams but H-O-T.  Oh yeah, and younger).  Seriously, he has some mad skilz when it comes to all things wood and power tools.   Enjoy!

A little canvas wall hanging for my friend's daughter's first birthday.  I think this looks like crap, but it was my first project.

emma art
emma art

My little painting for my was supposed to match her bedding.  

HAS painting
HAS painting

Matching stools for the Diva and Grand Slam.  I would like to make more of these, but I need to find some better stools.  See, these were clearly marked "For Decorative Purposes Only" but I overlooked that.  My children are now trained to stand on their respective letter or else...DANGER.  We have a lot of falls on these things, but hell -- they look good don't they?!


My little Cow and Dog paintings for my youngest niece.  My hubby created the frames.

Dog & Cow
Dog & Cow

My sister commissioned me  to paint the Cow & Dog to match this quilt:


3 years later, my niece instructed my sister  that the cow all of a sudden scares her.  Sigh.  I tried to paint a happy cow?!?!

And the piece de la resistance...the table the hubby made in one weekend for our niece/God-daughter.  It took me about a year to paint.  And then four months to poly.  But, alas it is complete and is being used in the same room as the horrifying heifer (see above).