LONNY magazine

Lonny, I think I like you....

 For those of you that spend your hard-earned money on shelter magazines (decor mags), have I got a treat for you....


The former editors of Domino have collaborated on a new ONLINE magazine called LONNY.  The 3rd issue just came out the other day and completely captured my attention.  The photos are AMAZING.  I finally got the chance to read up on designer Ryan Korban...but I have to admit, he totally looks like a snake oil salesman.  I don't mean to judge a book by its cover, but I kept picturing him as the Purple Pie Man from my old strawberry shortcake dolls.      


Anyway, the pros of LONNY is that it is free.  Who doesn't love free?     


The cons are that it is online...and it takes a ninja-like dexterity to manuever from zooming in on the text and then zooming out to get the full view of the photos.  It's a level of coordination that I just don't have.  It's like an awkward 8th grade make-out session.       

Enjoy -- and let me know what you think!      



   *Photos from Lonny/Patrick Cline