exercise rooms

K WILSON DESIGN 6-Week Challenge

So, I've seen this concept on various blogs on the Internet and thought -- why not do a 6-week one room challenge?  It's not enough with a full time corporate job, busy summer activities with the kids, getting asked to do design plans, etc.  I like to LOAD IT ON. The benefit though is that I am participating myself -- which hopefully will lead to at least one room that passes the 90% finished mark.

I think I may be the only challenger... which helps keep expectations low.  I've decided to work on my home exercise room, which is part of the Project Down Under - for more info, check out these posts here, here, or here.

The other rooms in the basement really have too many high tickets items that require a build-up of funds or a big fat commission check -- so I am making do with the least complex (read: cheapest) of them all. (update: we are getting CLOSE!)

I took some really poor photos of the “before”.  It's a windowless room so I plan on trying to incorporate as many mirrors and reflective surfaces as possible.

workout room doorway

There is a little nook in the back corner that needs some light and inspiration. It’s a sad lonely space now.

workout nook

The back wall is bare for now but will eventually have cabinets built-in that back into the crawl space.  I really shouldn’t hang anything heavy on this wall since it’s just dry wall.

workout back wall

The other wall has 2 access panels for pipes and water shut-off.  I’d like to hang something over the top panel but still ensure it lines up the best way on the wall.

workout room panel wall

So, my list for this room:

  1. light(s) for back corner
  2. Bulletin board for inspiration and work-out reminders (i.e. glute activation exercises!)
  3. Art & decor tidbits
  4. Mirror(s) (to check FORM and bounce light...NOT to see the large amount of rolls or how horrible my curly hairs looks during a sweat sessh.
  5. Organization

I think I only have 3 weeks to go which means I am behind the ball.  Want to join NOW and see what you can do in 3 weeks?!

Wait until you see my husband’s TV contribution… that’s next.