lazy decorating

Lazy Easter Decor

I wanted to share my tidbits on how to decorate for Easter lazy-style.  And to really punctuate my point, I am posting this a week after the holiday ended. One: The following was the most labor intensive of all 3 projects.  But, it was worth it.  While at Micheal's, I found these great speckled eggs.  However, at one end there was a ribbon with lots of fake greenery and plastic flowers.  Not cool.  I ripped those out leaving a giant crater in the first egg  and then I refined my style to leave a simple pinhole by the time I reached the last egg.  I plopped them in this hurricane (wound-side down) and voila!  See what I mean about labor intensive?


Two:  I had this mossy-eggy-thing from last year and hung it from over my island.  That was too intense for me this year so I just plopped it (string-side down) into this little vase.  Done.


Three: Upon a visit at Vintage Printables, I found ye olde image of speckled eggs and printed it.  Now, I DID muster the energy to actually trim the edges.  BUT (and here is the lazy part), I simply LEANED it against a frame.  No, it never actually made its way INSIDE the frame. 

However, here is where I get points for efficiency -- For clean-up, all I have to do is grab, rumple, and toss in the recycling bin!  But, I may just wait a few more weeks until I do that ... just to be consistent.

C'mon, tell me some tales of your lazy decorating. Please, indulge me...