Louis Louis

You have all seen the Louis XVI chairs around and about.  And if you haven’t, I’m not sure where you’ve been…. I was on the hunt for one of these bad boys so that I could attempt to recover it.  I finally found this one at Ubberhaus last Winter:

However, at $75, I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt anything with fabric.  Someday I'd love to get this recovered in a nubby linen fabric (like the Wisteria version below) but until then,  I had to get rid of that dark mid 1990's wood.


To begin, I taped off the fabric.  Then RIPPED OFF the tape and went at it full force. (Note to other DIYs -- that "Frog Tape" that people praise?  Yeah, it's shitty -- don't buy it).

In some places, I literally pushed down the fabric, painted, and let go.  I am shameful...

So,  you ask, are there small bits of paint on the fabric?  Yes.  Can the normal everyday person see it?  NO.  'Nuff said.

I do love a little of the dark wood peeking through on the arms and top.

(although I don't like that bit of dark wood peeking out above.  That, my friends, is just a plain old-fashioned mistake...)

What do you think?   Right color?  Does it need more distressing?

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Oak No More!

I wrote a post once about my great finds at Ubberhaus in Dublin, Ohio.  One item that came home with me was this ugly oak-y bench.  $40.     

Which looking back seems like a lot, but then I took a gander at this one at Restoration Hardware and now I don't feel so bad ($295 - $455).  


Well, oak isn't my thang.  Sorry, it's not.  When I see oak, I feel the need to pair it with country goose blue and a Longenberger basket and then I want to vomit.

Instead of that drama, I painted it.  SW Steamed Milk + some glaze + some stain  = a newly fake-French bench.

Perfect for sitting on to tie-up your laces or for young kids to spring themselves into your bed.  

Thoughts?  This bench or a vomit-filled Longenberger basket?

Someday, after a few stiff drinks and a dose of motivation, I may try to make a linen-padded top like the Restoration Hardware bench.  HA HA HA!!!! No, really -- I think about it.  Seriously.

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Guest Room Dresser Makeover

I am not 100% done with the guest room.  I still have the art wall to finish and the painting of the chandy. However, I can share the dresser makeover! Woo Hoo! The piece came via the WANT ADs at work.  I actually have a "dealer" there who sold me Grand Slam's bed.   Here is a picture of the before taken with her phone:

And After!

I sanded it down to pretty much the bare wood (the sander is my new favorite tool).  I applied one coat of primer, three coats of Martha Stewart's Bakery Box White (lesson: don't use a gray primer with a light paint!).  Then, I finished it off with three coats of poly acrylic.

I spray painted the original hardware in a hammered bronze, but couldn't get past the colonial shape.  So, I just picked up a few of these art-deco/South Beach knobs at HD.

Here it sits with my $2.50 Bamboo tray on top (Goodwill find!) and some storage boxes from IKEA.

And my favorite...the $29 mirror from Home Goods.  Rock it.

Only 3, 486 more projects to go. wooo hoooooooo.....

My First IKEA Hack.

I have officially joined the ranks of IKEA hackers.  

I started with the SNUDDA lazy Susan for $8.   Why is it called the SNUDDA and not the "Lata Signe?"


Anyway,   I tossed on a primer when I was doing the guest room dresser.  Which, yes, I know...I need to post the finished product.  

Then, I spray painted a little ivory paint, traced a 4 (my favorite number as well as the number of members in the SNM household), and painted it with some acrylic paint.

After that, I aged it with some glaze and then sanded with the power sander. (I am addicted to this tool.  I wish it had to power to erase freckles and age spots, but it just gave me a really bad road rash).



Here is sits.  Ready to have a Star Wars action figure go spinning and pull about 3Gs.  (I know this since I tested it on my sister's Dolly Parton Barbie back in the day). 

I'd love to say that this baby is going to make access to the salt and pepper easier.  But, I know it will just end up being the source for some childhood naughtiness and thus a lot of yelling.

PS:  Yes, I know the last picture is out of focus.  Sorry.  It's late and SNM is beat.


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Coming up for air

I feel like a bad, bad blogger.  I have been absent.  But, I think a lot about you guys gals... I swear. May was crazy.  I had my niece's graduation, the Diva's (kindergarten) graduation, 2 business trips (one that demands its own post) , and lots and lots of projects that are 70% complete.

I am closing in on the guest room redo!  I am wrapping up the dresser tonight  which I HOPE will be complete before my niece lugs all her clothes up here on Monday.   I am also debating on painting the chandelier that will hang in there...

For reference:  here is what I was striving for --


I bought the Molnig chandy at Ikea. 



 Thoughts on paint?  Leave it black?  Paint it glossy white?  Spray paint a metallic? 

PLEASE just tell me what to do...I need extra brain power.

I also scored these little tidbits on my Ikea rendezvous as well:


More to come on what I am doing with the lazy Susan!

Bambi is in the House.

I am finally getting around to posting my deer project in Grand Slam's room. I bought the deer from Uncommon Goods and noticed how teeny tiny it was once I put it together.   It needed a little  j ne sais quoi.

I took one of the many canvases I have waiting in the wings

Slapped some brown paint on it

Had the hubby reinforce it on the backside

And voila...a little more heftiness for my 8-point buck.


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A Fix for Odd Frame & Matte Sizes

Remember this post about all the $3.00 frames I bought?  I was so happy until I tried to find something that would FIT the frames....Neither the frames nor the mattes are standard sizes!  UGH. But then, I ran across some brilliance at Bryn's blog.   She simply placed her art OVER the hole in the matte.  Brilliance... seriously.

Enter a download from BibliOdyssey, an enlargement at the local copy place (for $.50), some spray adhesive, and Voila!  Cheap Art.  Now, it did sort of sink in the previous matte on the left side...

Now, here it sits patiently waiting to find its place in my home.

What do you think?

Lazy Easter Decor

I wanted to share my tidbits on how to decorate for Easter lazy-style.  And to really punctuate my point, I am posting this a week after the holiday ended. One: The following was the most labor intensive of all 3 projects.  But, it was worth it.  While at Micheal's, I found these great speckled eggs.  However, at one end there was a ribbon with lots of fake greenery and plastic flowers.  Not cool.  I ripped those out leaving a giant crater in the first egg  and then I refined my style to leave a simple pinhole by the time I reached the last egg.  I plopped them in this hurricane (wound-side down) and voila!  See what I mean about labor intensive?


Two:  I had this mossy-eggy-thing from last year and hung it from over my island.  That was too intense for me this year so I just plopped it (string-side down) into this little vase.  Done.


Three: Upon a visit at Vintage Printables, I found ye olde image of speckled eggs and printed it.  Now, I DID muster the energy to actually trim the edges.  BUT (and here is the lazy part), I simply LEANED it against a frame.  No, it never actually made its way INSIDE the frame. 

However, here is where I get points for efficiency -- For clean-up, all I have to do is grab, rumple, and toss in the recycling bin!  But, I may just wait a few more weeks until I do that ... just to be consistent.

C'mon, tell me some tales of your lazy decorating. Please, indulge me...

Circus Banners!

I have put off writing this post -- mostly because I started off snapping lots of photos with the intention of making this into a tutorial.  See, I read a lot of blogs -- many of which have intense photojournalistic-style tutorials filled with photos and in-depth text and what not.  Here's the sitch: for some,  the blog is their JOB. So they have time to do that sh*t.  I don't.  So, I constantly try to keep up with these professionals only to have my corporate job, my life, AND my ADD get in the way. Sorry for the therapy outbreak.

Circus Banners!  This how-to is really courtesy of my gals at Bloomsbury Loft.  My sister and I attended a class there and made our own little banners.  I decided to make one for my god-daughter Isabella for her NEW room and her 6th birthday.   So, here is my 30-second tutorial (after the 5 minute therapy session). Note: there are a lot of photos and first...and then NONE.  You may have to use your imagination!

1. Gather your fabric.  Mix it up, sisters -- they don't have to match perfectly!


2. Get some "Double Wide Bias Tape" in whatever color you choose

3. Make yourself a template out of a rigid material (cardboard).  I had 2 triangles from my class: one was 9" and the other was 5".  If you ask me if it was an isosceles, acute, or obtuse triangle, I don't know.  Let's move on.

4. Cut out your triangles and coordinate your patterns.  Again, mix it up!


5. Pin the smaller triangle to the larger one

6. Unfold the bias tape and pin your triangles inside.  Note, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TUCKED UP AS FAR AS POSSIBLE IN THE BIAS TAPE!  Including the CORNERS!  I learned this the hard way after I sewed everything and the corners slipped out and the smaller triangles came loose. 

7. Sew along the bias tape -- I would do this as close to the bottom edge as possible. 

8. Make a little loop at each end of the bias tape as sew it together.

9. Email me if you need more info.


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And the Trophy Goes to...

Cottage Living, Idea House 2008.  I see this room with the white glossy spray-painted trophies and think it is quirky, but it sticks in my brain 2 years later (which is a FEAT considering I can't remember my gym locker combination after a 45-minute spinning class). ideahouse08 by Eva Rees.

ideahouse05 by Eva Rees.

See the trophies? 

Flash Forward, Winter 2010.  Nearly every day, I look at my son's shelves and determine something is NOT right with the miscellaneous crap thrown up there including a lot of baby blue items given to us post-birth.  Something was missing.  Something needed to be red.  Cue:  Cottage Living image.  Enter:  9  trophies for $5 (via my want ads at work).

 Slap on some red spray-paint and...Voila:


Now, there is an entire back story to this...the kid loves trophies.  I give out invisible trophies all the time to the kids for inducing various behaviours (and they FALL for it!).

$5 spray painted trophies-cum-art.  Who knew?

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