An interior designer has the skills to not only provide stylish decor, but also to create strategic plans for a specific space. A designer can help you avoid costly mistakes, provide an objective vision, help drive to completion and ultimately enjoy your home!

Working with a designer might fit your needs if you

•  Feel overwhelmed by the process and don’t know how to get started
•  Are unsure how to curate pieces you own and love with some new options
•  Need validation for choices such as paint colors and decor
•  Want help choosing elements that work cohesively together such as countertops, backsplashes, drapery, furniture, etc.

It’s a good fit if your goals include:

•  An actionable roadmap to complete your room
•  Access to quality pieces that are exclusive to the trade
•  Peace of mind that you have guidance along the way
•  A trusted advisor to help you complete the project in a timely manner AND lands you with a finished functional space